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Let's get to know each other.

Hey there, I'm still J.D., a Florida based product designer / DP working with mixed mediums.


I've loved it ever since watching those first anime.   Ever since I could tell the differences between frame rates of daytime tv and cinematic movies.  Since my first comic book, and the first time I was handed a pencil and paper in church because I was bored.  I never knew how much a love for design would shape my life, but it's been a tremendous journey.  Nothing special about me in particular, just a regular fella that loves to tinker with different mediums, and loves to collaborate with others who love to collaborate.

A few years ago, I'd had one of the worst experiences in my life, and it started my life over in terms of what type of person I wanted to be.  With a renewed focus on what's more important around me rather than focusing on who I was,  I began back on a journey to refresh my senses, having the intent to inspire those around me for how amazing their lives were.  Below is what I've been up to lately, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Media Kache + Kache Systems / Founder


Integrator and Media instructor, Pro AV Systems installation and Brand Consult.

Beast Code / Product Designer II (IV), Product Designer (III), Designer III


Assisting with building design as a practice at Beast Code. Honored to be the first designer at the company, we've implemented design systems, design ops, componentry libraries and design / dev handoff methodologies and UX focus within 3 years time.

Bit-Wizards / Principal Developer, Branding & Visual Specialist


Rebranded the company top to bottom, including all stationery, mascot, logo, and website, with production of over 50 videos, with several award winning titles.

NLIWC / Media Lead


Continuing brand and media development efforts, across digital and physical requirements. Includes server/media management, I.T., installation and operational management, media training, and visual consistency.