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Honoring My Father

One of the hardest things to do in life is acknowledge that at some time in our lives, we'll all cease to live.  The ends will always justify the means in one's death, as what they left behind always tells a story worth listening to.  2021 challenged me with that notion and the death of my father, Douglas Raye, Compton.  

To this day, it still is a blur, as things happen so fast when it hits.  But when the life before you left a legacy worth living for, influenced everyone around them for the positive and changed hearts and minds to focus inwardly for true adaptability, it is inevitable that honor be given it's just due.  We were already in the planning stages of his 70th birthday, we just didn't know it would be that next week that he'd be taken home.  The graphics before you were some of the most difficult to produce given I know so much about the source, and he's made me the man I am today.

Setting up the final

Print & Media Deliverables

After working through the concepts, I'd need to come up with a quick way to export out an animation at scale that supported title work for use on the livestream, print, and various other media areas we'd need to set up.  Time was limited, but what saved the project was we were working through my honoring my father anyway for his 70th milestone with the title "70 years of a life well lived".  After testing a bit at my local print shop, we produced a 11x17 folded spread with a simple enough layout to put all of the speakers on it.  

Livestream Production

We'd gauged that there would be about 400-600 in attendance, and asked friends at one of our largest local churches if they could support the notion of a large masked funeral with a livestream, and they welcomed us with open arms. Because I was familiar with the layout we were able to unify our setup with their churchs' to produce a four camera feed. We patched in 3 of their cameras with 1 of ours via SDI, and ran mono out of their house sound down to ours.

There were issues with the live visual side, so we pivoted to our system to send the video feed to their projector with audio for the memorial video I was prepping to produce. We were successful and were able to test and ensure all audio and video were synced in a way that made sense.

Friends of the family all pitched in, and supported my mother's vision for how we'd honor my Dad at his homegoing.