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The Offensive Conference

A Conference

Like No Other

There are quite a few narratives out there to distract from the goal of a lot of Christians, primarily political and racial in nature and opposite their goal of what they believe.  Renee is someone who has always had a heart for teaching the everyday person how to survive in their every day and has a history of bringing together spiritual leaders and mental health professionals to help educate on the matters of the heart.  We got together and talked at length about how we could create something that would reach those who have a heart to serve, but also a message bold enough to stand out.  She felt that going on the offensive was the primary outcome, and thus the The OFF Conference was developed to help leaders understand how to deal with mounting pressures when it comes to their faith.  We started with quite a few discussion angles, and we landed on something simple.  I wanted to go a different route with the concepts, so I started this one in Stable Diffusion.


The Assets

After playing with the concept in stable diffusion a few days, I began working in blender to get down to the look I wanted.  Still keeping things simple, the goal was to convey a pathway that seemed rough, but with an answer and opening filled with light at the end.  I also wanted to call out a bit more sports title look, to soften the severity of what would be discussed and allow for open interpretation on the viewers' side.  Began working that into the poster art and working the angles until I felt the concept adhered well enough to the goal.  The art needed to traverse along print, video, and web properties so getting things to sit well was imperative to me.


Brand Opportunity

After looking at the art for awhile, it came to me that this would definitely turn into something larger and got my brand wheels turning.  What Renee needed more than anything was a way to interact with other people, a means of representation that others could share with her in.  I crafted a small brief that was plain and simple, black and white.  From there we ruminated on several tag lines to flesh out the look and feel for what would be an interesting take on what the term offensive really meant, and some fun ways to communicate that iteratively through the logo and slogan.  From there, we worked for about a week and a half to setup the website and web shop for those that wanted to support the mission.

Production Spots

To Educate and Inspire

With most of the visual work done, we were able to work through some video spots for the campaign as well, filmed at the location that the conference was held.  I produced an audio track that I felt fit the vision and with my camera systems, we fleshed out a few pieces to educate others about what they'd be experiencing and the goal of the network.  Check out more at on their channel.